Privacy Policy and Site Disclaimer

Site Disclaimer

We do our best to help you with any real estate related matter that we can.

The majority of the information on this site is provided from an IDX feed which is connected to the ARMLS local MLS system for professional, licensed real estate agents.  The listings are provided from other real estate members who subscribe to the MLS and a local association. Sometimes errors occur.  Sometimes properties don’t get immediately updated.  Some agents choose not to have their listings appear in the IDX feed, which may lead to properties not being seen on this site.  For better results in buying or selling a house, it is better to work with a diligent professional REALTOR that is licensed in the state of AZ.

You can check the status of any licensee at the AZ Dept of Real Estate’s site by clicking Here.

Privacy Policy

Any information that you submit to this site will be used strictly by our real estate group.  From time to time we partner with contractors and handymen to help increase the value and aesthetics of a property.  We will not sell any information collected from this site but some information may be shared. It is our intention to follow up with you and ascertain if you are currently working with an agent and to see if there is any way that we can help you buy or sell property in this state or any other.

You may opt out of any of our mailing lists at any time.


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